We Are the Manufacturers of Superior Quality Fiberglass Products.

We introduce ourselves as an experienced FRP Manufacturer & Fabricators.

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The specialized knowledge, workmanship experience, and guaranteed quality of products and services, acquired over more than 10 years of operations in this field, are unparalleled. Whether it is an industry standard FRP product, or a custom FRP product for a unique application, We can deliver it with utmost customer satisfaction. .

We are having a manufacturing facility in Jubail to cater all the industrial requirements. We also have a state of the art work shop facility in Dubai.FRP Storage Tanks are the best option for Water/Chemical storage to resist the atmospheric corrosion & the application, it is maintenance free for the life time

We are also very well experienced in erection work of GRP Pipelines of various Diameters.

We Are The Best

Our experts can fabricate GFRP Chemical Tanks, GRP Water Tanks, GRP Gratings, Spools, Headers, Fittings, Flanges as per the DIN/ASTM/BS standards as per the drawings, site requirements.

FRP Hot Pressed Panel Water tanks to any sizes and dimensions, FRP Water tanks, Chemical Tanks, Fiberglass ducting, GRP/GRE Pipes & Fittings, FRP Scrubbers, FRP Enclosures, Cabinets, GRP Cable Management Systems, FRP Gratings, Handrails, Ladders, FRP Waste/Litter Bins, Car sheds-Cantilever type, Regular type, FRP Modular/Portable Toilets, Sewer manhole sealing plates.

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